How to make your fussy little one eat

Being a parent is a full time job. Every day is a new learning experience. There might be days when it is smooth sailing, but on some days everything seems to be falling apart. If your little one is a fussy or choosy eater, then you must be having a hard time. But not anymore! Read on to find some tips and tricks that would surely help you cope with your fussy eater toddler.

  • The basics

The first thing to remember is that your child’s tummy is really small. So he/she would not be able to eat large portions. Giving smaller portions at regular intervals is a good idea. Don’t force them to eat as this would only worsen the situation.

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  • Make meal times fun

Try to make meal times fun and interesting. Having meals with your child should not be a task. It should be relaxing and enjoyable. Play soothing music, tell stories or maybe let them watch their favorite cartoon alongside. Incorporate meals in some games which would be exciting for the child.

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  • Food should look tempting

Pay extra attention to presentation. It is very important. When the platter looks beautiful, it would tempt the child and the chances of finishing the food get much higher.

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  • Take it slow

Give them time to learn and accept new food items. When your child sees you cooking or eating new food items, their interest would grow. Stay positive and don’t scold the little one. Whether it is broccoli or bacon, some days your child would love it all and the other days it would be a little difficult.

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  • Is your child getting enough exercise?

Ask yourself – is my child getting enough exercise? If the child is active and is running around all day, he/she would automatically feel hungry.

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  • Give them healthy snacks

So if your little one does not eat proper meals, the best way to compensate is by giving them healthy snacks. Make some yummy kids friendly recipes like colorful fruit salad, different forms of eggs, mashed potatoes, sprouts etc. and give them as snacks.

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  • Make meal timings consistent

Make sure that the meal times are consistent. Find out ways so that your child is interested in food. Involving them in the preparation or cooking process would also help.

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  • Watch out for these signs

Signs that show that your child is full or is not liking a particular food include the following – spitting out food, crying, not opening his/her mouth when offered food, refusing to swallow food, pushing away the spoon/plate or bowl. Keep a lookout for these signs.

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  • Don’t forget giving liquids

Liquids in the form of fresh juices, buttermilk, milk shakes soups etc. are a good substitute. Sometimes the child might not be in the mood for solid food, you can give them healthy drinks and be assured that they are getting nutrition in this form.

Little girl with orange juice

Hope these tips help you and your little one!

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