All work and no play will make Jack a dull boy – True that!


Parents often mistake playtime with wastage of time. But it is actually quite the opposite that is true. For children of all ages, playtime offers immense growth opportunities, not only physically but also emotionally and mentally. Kids learn life skills that no academic curriculum teaches. They understand the meaning of camaraderie, kindness, team-work and friendship all through play. So, if you are one of those parents who wants their children to be nose deep in books all the time, this write up is going to show you a different and a more playful side of child development.

1) Health is Wealth – We keep on reciting the sentence in our own lives probably more than a handful times. But health is nurtured not only by eating healthy foods such as vegetables and fruits, but also by playing outdoors. Playing games such as football, basketball, cricket and many others in the field gives the opportunity to children to expel their energy and also help them foster friendships. It comes across shocking to many parents, but kids who have dedicated play hours are much better at studies and time-management as well. So, get your little one enrolled in the nearest sports complex at the game of his/her choice and see his personality shaping.

2) Mini-Adults: Don’t be misled by the term! All it stands for is the emotional stability that a child develops through play. Since playing involves kids to participate, develop strategies,use their communication skills, etc, playing outdoors sculpt your little champions being extrovert and more participative personalities.

3) Happiness and Smiles makes your little one SHINE – Playing is also a huge stress buster. Kids feel cluttered and pressured under the surmounting curriculum, hence playing gives them the much deserved break. It allows children to release the bundle of energy and enjoy the rush of endorphins. Studies have shown that children who play indoor and outdoor games have much more sharper brains and a healthy body when compared to the ones who restrict themselves to only academics.

4) Unfold the passion: As parents, you should always keep a close eye on your kid’s passion areas. If you see your child excelling and enjoying a particular sport, invest further in it. Get him/her professional coaching and access to better facilities. Motivate and encourage him to be better at his/her game. You never know, you may be laying the foundation for the next super sportsman. Let your children experience both success and failure in their game, but be sure they do not take success to their head and failure to their heart.

So, get your kids to play. With immense benefits to be reaped, you will only be surprised …

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