Be your Child’s favourite teacher

Education certainly plays the most vital role in your child development. Thereby, as parents we aspire to provide the best education to our children. We get them the best books, research the best schools and aid them with the best learning tools as per today’s time. But we often forget that education starts from our very homes. Hence you, as a parent, are the first teacher that your little child will have. There is no standard manual to follow when it comes to educating and shaping your little one’s inquisitive mind, but some tips mentioned below will enable you to understand structured learning and how one can incorporate them easily.

Understand your child’s learning style – This is the first and foremost step. Each child has a different learning process. Some learn by listening whereas some learn by asking questions. Some learn by doing things and some may learn by watching how they are done. Children are very observant and pick up new things very quickly. It is important that you identify the new skills that your kid picks along the way. Nurture your child by enriching his/her learning process.  Participate in his learning by helping him being more inquisitive, eager and an agile learner.

Be creative in the learning process – Parents can be very creative while educating kids at home. Studies shows that incentive based learning makes children learn faster and they aspire for more knowledge. Earning points can be one creative way. Each good deed will get your child a positive point and each bad deed will give him/her a negative point.  As a parent, you should set the rules that are fair and encourages your child to participate in it. At the end of the week, your child can redeem all his positive points towards one of his favorite things. This game works well in all spheres from eating the right foods to doing homework on time.

Conversation makes all the difference – It is true! Your child is most comfortable talking to you and sharing his daily life with you. It is important that you listen to him/her intently and then make suggestions, if any. This process generates trust and a deep bonding.  As a parent you should speak to your child softly, patiently and lovingly. Remember, your child is growing and making sense of his world through your conversations. You could share positive life experiences with your child. This also helps children in absorbing little responsibilities of their life and daily schedule.

Story-telling – By far this is a practice that is still used by parents all over the world. Children are very imaginative and are unbelievably attached to the story characters. You could read them the stories from any good book or make up your own. Remember to incorporate life values and skills (such as hygiene, good eating habits, respecting elders etc) in your stories or characters. Children love to follow into the footsteps of their idolised characters. So make sure their favourite characters are the good guys away from all the vices and violence.

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