Playing is the part and parcel of everybody’s childhood. For a child, it is a means of learning about their surroundings through interactions with peers and adults. While study and homework are important, it is through fun and games that children are truly able to grasp the world around him, while remaining physically healthy.At Tumble House, we strongly believe in the developmental and transformative powers of play and endeavor to provide the best fun place for kids to thrive in.Here are some reasons why play is a crucial component in a child’s developmentPlaying promotes imagination and creativity When kids play doctor-doctor or games based on being make belief adults, they broaden their imagination and creativity. The stories they build around these scenarios help them use and exercise their creative as well as thinking faculties.

Playing helps boost thinking capabilityScientists and neurologists have attested to the development aspects of play in a child’s formative stages. Playing promotes confidence, intelligence and discipline.  Playing reduces stress and irritability Play on a regular basis will bring down stress, anxiety and under confidence in children. They will learn to take up challenges and feel good about themselves.

Playing helps kids socialize and work in teamsThrough play, kids learn social roles and responsibilities at an early stage. This helps build cooperation and team spirit with peers and also instills good behavior. Playing helps kids become independent Kids who play alone learn to become self-sufficient and independent at an early stage and can learn social habits and behavior patterns by observing others.Playing helps kids become fitterPlay helps a kid become active, build muscles, promotes bone density and improves the heart. Exercise helps promote physically fit and healthy kids.

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