Fun games to play with your baby

Playing games with your baby is not just about their entertainment but also about boosting their skills and development. However, these games do not have to be complicated. The idea of playing with your baby is to help them learn about their surroundings and immediate environment. Also, they need to know what you already do, naturally.

Mother playing with child

An important aspect is that you must recognize the signs the baby usually sends out, indicating that they want to play. Some of the most obvious signals are:

  • Watching people with interest
  • When they reach out for you
  • Smiling

However, you do not have to exhaust the baby. Some signs of that are

  • Crying
  • Looking away

We have a list of some games you can play with your toddler that are not very exhaustive and can be a fun way to develop your child’s brain and bond with him/her:


You can play this game while changing diapers, getting them dressed, feeding them etc. This is the best and the easiest game to play with your child. When you disappear and reappear, your child will be fascinated and till about 9 months old, kids don’t realize you are still there when your face is covered.


All you have to do is hide your face behind your hands. When you move your hands you say “peek-a-boo”.

When the child begins to interpret the game further, they may try to “find” you by reaching for your hands when you hide.


Mommy see-Mommy do

When your little bundle of joy vocalizes with sounds such as “ga-ga” and “coo coo”, try imitating those. This forms the base of their conversation skills. Also, when the baby smiles, you smile back. Let the baby know that you are enjoying their company.



Dance around

Babies require cuddles to feel secure and build emotional bonds. As you respond to your babies needs, try dancing around with them. Do something silly and let them have a laugh. However, make sure your baby is not exhausted.

Happy blonde toddler girl having fun dancing indoors

“Where is your nose?”

This game is good for developing your child’s language skills. Ask them “Where is your nose” in a cute voice and then touch their nose, while saying “There is your nose”. Same can be done in the sense of “Where is my nose” as well.


Do enjoy your mommy time with these simple and cute games, while ensuring your baby’s development and happiness.

Happy mothering.

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