Fussing over parenting? Relax as parenthood is a “Joy” ride!


Many first time parents are caught confused and anxious on the thought of raising their first born child.  The surmounted pressure seems to stem from added responsibilities and insufficient knowledge on how the little one will change their life. So, if you are on your way to parenthood, then we hope the knowledge below will come in handy to deal real life situations.

Parenthood is fun- No doubt, responsibilities will increase, but in the larger scheme of things, parenthood is one of the most satisfying and joyous journey. The model “to each their own” fits very well in parenting. Some parents prefer discipline while some wants kids to experience mistakes and are more lenient on that front.  Parenthood can be extremely joyous and fun if you teach through play. Kids are agile learners and they learn fastest when they are taught in a creative way. You can play dress-up and teach them about different professions. You can play game of points and not only teach but instill good habits in your children. You will be surprised how quickly your kids grasp concepts taught with fun as compared to the ones taught in a classroom.

Revisiting School Days- This is true in every sense of the word. When your child start going to school, as parents you share his academic journey. From coloring books to making them practice the advance Mathematics curriculum, you will be hands on with all subjects. It is literally like going back to school again. It may sound a little daunting, but in reality it is quite fun as now you are voluntarily participating not being the one forced to study.

Internet Bonding – You often see young kids hooked on to their mobiles all the time. Either they are spending on social media or playing Pokémon go, more to the point. As parents if you wish to talk to your busy GEN Y kids these days, better to upgrade yourself with the latest internet sensation. Teenage children open up more easily to parents who are relaxed and understanding. And when kids are comfortable sharing their heart out with you, you can always tell them what is right and what is wrong. Bonding is a two way street, so just be a fighter while playing street fighter with your kids on the computer. Adolescence is a confusing phase for your growing up child; he/she needs all the gentleness that you can provide.

Little bit of playfulness, fun and frolic will not only make you a fun parent but also will establish a strong bond with your child that will lay a strong foundation for his/her entire life.




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