How to discipline your child without losing your cool

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Many a time, it can become very tedious to handle children and discipline them. They may not always

been in a mood to listen. It is natural for them to throw tantrums, make a mess, and create chaos, and

this is the most testing time for any parent. It is not always right to scold your children for anything and

everything. Situations need to be handled calmly and with thought. Children should learn the

importance of discipline early on in their lives. Here are some ways to discipline your children without

• Is your motive correct?

When you try and discipline your child, check your own motives first. Providing correct explanations and

making them understand values in life, makes it easier for them to become disciplined. If your motives

are genuine and pure, your children will also learn quickly and remember it for life.

• Choose the right words

As a parent, you need to be aware of what you speak to your children and choose the right words. If you

do happen to lose your cool, allow yourself some alone time, say ten minutes, and then get back to

talking to them in a composed manner.

• The tone of your voice

While it is completely normal to get angry, you must remember that as a parent, your children will

follow your footsteps in anything they do. Choose the right tone and voice while speaking to them. Even

if they are not right, it helps to explain things in a proper manner. Scolding can never solve anything but

will definitely make a child rebellious and irritated.

• Listen to them

Be prepared to lend an ear to anything they say. Value their opinion and do not get irritated if they ask

too many questions since curiosity comes naturally to kids.

For raising a better child, it is essential that as parents, you do not lose your cool while dealing with

them. Focus on their betterment and make all your interactions fruitful rather than a pain. Disciplining

your child now can have future impacts on them. These impacts can be positive or negative, depending

on how you, as a parent, deal with a situation.

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