How to promote sharing among kids?

Parenting is a full time job which teaches you something new every day. Each day comes with new challenges that you have to overcome and triumph.

For many parents a major cause of worry is that their children don’t share their toys, food etc. with their friends or siblings. It is important that you as a parent teach the basics of sharing to children right from the tender age. This would ensure that a good habit is inculcated and it is easier for the child to share things.

  • Make sharing fun

Learn with fun! This is an important rule when dealing with children. Ensure that you use innovative and interesting ways to teach sharing. Let children participate in games or role plays, this will surely teach them very well. tell them the golden rule that sharing is caring.


Give them snacks or candies that they can share with friends at the playground or school. During playtime make your children share his/her toys as well.

  • Take it slow

Whenever children learn something new it takes a little time. You need to be patient and calm. Let the child take his/her own time. Help him understand the importance of sharing and slowly they’ll get in the flow.


Understand that it is perfectly Ok for the child to hold back some items that are beloved to him/her.

  • Lead by example

Children learn what they see. If you share your resources with people around, the child would see it and pick up things from you. Let the child witness generosity and his habit of sharing will follow. Simple things like sharing your burger with your kid is a good idea. Also let your child know that they can always share intangibles like love, feelings and ideas with you or their friends.

apple sharing

  • Respect your child’s feelings

Many times children feel that their belongings are being manhandled. Be it books, clothes or toys, it is important that you seek permission and then let them share it.


‘Roy doesn’t have this new puzzle. He is your friend so you should play together and share it with him.’ This way your child will develop a deeper friendship and also learn sharing.

  • Don’t punish the child

Punishing the child is not the solution. Make them understand with love and affection and it will be very helpful. Also remember that you must reward their good behavior. This will encourage them to keep up the good work going.


  • Give them opportunities to share

Many times it is easier to make younger children learn sharing when you take help from elder kids. If Annie is the elder sister and you ask her to share some cookie with her sibling, she would do it happily. The younger child would see how his/her sibling is sharing things and will learn the art of sharing.

Two boys in the park, having fun with colored eggs for Easter

Sharing is a vital life skill and everyone should practice it. Children especially need to learn sharing to make new friends, blossom their friendships and happily cooperate in school.

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