Inculcate good habits in your child

Inculcating good habits in your child is essential. This is not a one day process. It’ll take time and the results are best achieved when this process is done in a fun way. Also as parents one must realize that good manners aren’t taught through formal training, they are acquired by observation. Thus, you need to set the right example for your children and be a role model.

Simple everyday things will be picked up by your children. Say for example if you brush your teeth twice, your child will see this and get into the same habit. If you use abusive language, it is highly possible that your child will pick up the foul language from you and start using it sooner or later. So be very careful in what you say and what you do in front of your children.

Some tips that’ll surely be helpful –

  • Take it slow. Inculcating good habits is a process that is done over a period of time. Don’t expect miraculous results overnight.
  • Don’t give multiple confusing instructions to your child.
  • Tell your child to always speak the truth. Even harmless small lies need to be avoided
  • Help your child understand good etiquettes, be it speaking politely, showing respect towards elders or good table manners.
  • Kindness is the greatest attribute. Make your child understand that he/she needs to be gentle and kind not just towards all beings, be it humans or animals.
  • Children learn a lot of good habits on the playground. Be it sportsmanship, team spirit or the never say die attitude. As parents encourage your child to be a fair player in the sport of his/her choice.

Habits form the basis of our personality. We are defined by our habits and later they become a major part of our lifestyle. To help your child become a good citizen it is important that you inculcate good habits in them from an early age itself.


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