It’s not just about lunch and dinner together



We all would have heard the very popular saying, “A family that eats together stays together”. In today’s world it is important that meal times are planned in such a way that the entire family can have their lunch and dinner together. With the advent of technology into our lives, the concept of having meals together as a family is fading away. The usual routine that is seen across households today is that parents are busy with their professional lives and tend to have food at their place of work. On the other hand kids are so engrossed in gadgets and other tools of technology that they tend to binge on junk food in the proximity of their beloved gadgets, or in front of television, game consoles etc.

Therefore, it is imperative that as parents one should plan for a family lunch or dinner time. A conscious effort has to be made to invest time in one’s children and there is no better way of doing it other than having meals together as a family. A regular norm of having family lunches or dinners have a positive impact on the overall wellbeing of the kids. Let us now deep dive on some of the direct benefits of having lunch and dinner together as a family.

Enhanced Bonding

Meal times as a family enhances the bonding between the parents and the kids. You can share your life stories with your kids while having dinner or lunch and convey some important lessons to them which you would like them to learn. Listening to them and feeding them increases the bonding between the parents and kids.

Stimulating Conversations Lead to a Relaxed Environ

Have conversations that usher in an ambiance of fun and frolic into your household while you are having food. In this way, not only will the children feel stress free they will also eat adequately as they feel happy and would want the meal times to be longer due to the interesting discussions that you will have with them thereby, leading them to have their food completely.

Emotional Security

A family time on the dining table provides a sense of togetherness and oneness in the kids. When you share your stories of life or listen to your children while you all enjoy a nice meal together, the kids feel emotionally confident and they know that their parents are involved in their lives. So listen to your children while you have food together and lay the foundation of bringing up a confident and emotionally secure child.

Inculcate Healthy Eating Habits

As a parent, you would definitely want your children to have a national diet. And who else can monitor that better? So if you have your meal with your child, you can monitor the nutritional intake of your child. You can ensure that you instill healthy eating habits into your wards. Kids tend to eat junk food if they are left alone in the company of their gadgets or television. So having a balanced and nutritional diet becomes a possibility in the company of parents as they will notice that you are also enjoying a nutritional supper with them which is inspiring enough for them to eat nutritional food themselves.

So have a nice time with your children while having food with them as it is not only a mere chore but a platform to bring up healthy and confident children.

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