Make your child confident- And he will pave his own way!


A common sight includes parents showering their kids with compliments when their kids start acquiring new skills, such as learning to crawl or building block towers with their Lego toys. But instilling confidence in your child needs different approach than just clapping your hands and complimenting your little one endlessly. This write up will take your on a journey of understanding specific points on how to make your children confident, as that is one trait that will take him long way in life.

Let the failure happen!

Sounds obnoxious right? As parents we prevent our child from all types of hurt, physical, emotional and mental. But this also prevents them from learning things about real life. Now it does not mean that you let your child unattended or unsupervised to get all the way hurt, but rather it means that let them create their own path and more so let them know that it is okay to fail and it is normal to feel sad, anxious or angry.  Rather than you helping them in removing obstacles in their journey, let them try harder and carve out their own path overcoming hindrances. The action of doing it himself/herself will brim him with confidence and give them the courage needed for future.

Let them Decide on their own

Kids become better decision makers when they exercise their own choice. As parents, your responsibility is to give them the options (limited of course!) and then let them think about what they want. You can guide them with pros and cons of each choice so that they are mentally stimulated and make a calculated decision. This process overtime help them take sound and responsible decisions.

Fill in the Positivity!

This one is an essential secret tip. Often children gets discouraged by disappointments and failure, and as mentioned above it is also essential for them to experience them. But there is a fine line here. You need to make sure that your kid copes up well with the defeat. He/She should be able to look at ways to improve a situation and work harder towards her goals. Don’t offer them false encouragement rather real life advice based on hard work and more determination. Also, make sure you invest in that extra time helping putting more energy and hard work for his/her next endeavor.

The above three just draws the sketch. There are many others such as encourage your child’s dream, encourage them to solve problems on their own, etc. The above mentioned will provide a positive armor to your child’s mentality and fill him with understanding of hard work and doing things on his own.

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