Playtime is OVERALL HEALTH time.

It’s not just play,

Everything lies in nutrition. Well, that’s what we are taught to believe when it comes to raising children. But that’s half information. As much as nutrition is inevitable in your little one’s growth, so is playtime. Playtime is crucial health time for your kid. Your little one not only flex his muscles and build strong bones, but also picks up skills that are invisible to your eye. Parenthood is like a complex dance of love and lesson teaching. At every age, as a parent you’d wear a different hat holding your child through ups and downs, teaching them about life and shaping them as responsible adults. This little write-up will walk you through only one aspect of parenting yet andthat is why you should make sure that your child is getting enough time to play.

Vigilant Learning – Have you ever noticed that your kids mostly talk about the stuff they like and enjoy doing? You must have rarely heard them say “How much they enjoy eating broccoli”. The simple enough reason behind it is that when children do activities that they enjoy thoroughly, they learn without realizing. Colors are best taught through coloring animal images, unicorns, grasslands, etc and not by showing your children some colorful spots on paper. So is with life skills. They are best taught alongside play.

Physical Growth – Strength is build through flexing muscles. Your kid can’t do it, if he/she is confided to his/her room only. Thereby, playtime gives abundance opportunities to your children to enjoy the sweetness and sunshine of life. When they play, they unknowingly stretch their bodies, flex muscles, sweat, run, and jump releasing endorphins making them happy and joyful. Your children are able to eat better and nutrients are better absorbed when they play adequately. So, the next time you see your kid being lazy, take him to the park and see him smiling and enjoying himself.

Communication Skills – Much can be emphasized on this aspect, as communication skills go long way in life. Playtime gives the opportunity to kids to talk to each other, be friend each other and involve in problem-solving. Cognitive skills are built through play. When your kids meet and play with other children, they understand new perspectives and also share camaraderie. They learn how to listen and talk to each other.

Health is not just a physical matrix. As educated parents, we should know the benefits of nurturing overall health that includes physical, emotional and mental well-being. And one thing that builds all three of it is simply playing. Isn’t it a treat to know that when your kid plays, he is growing on all levels!

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