Rules and Regulations for Entry

Rules and Regulations for Entry:

  1. Children will be allowed at a fixed rate on an hourly basis, additional charges will apply over and above an hour of play time.
  2. One attendant will be allowed with the child inside the play area free of charge. Extra Charge will be applicable for extra attendant/ visitors.
  3. Socks are compulsory at all times for children, attendants and visitors to enter the play area. Socks are available at centre reception at a fixed price.
  4. Each child must be acompanied by at least one attendant. Incase the parent insists on leaving the child without an attendant, the centre or the staff shall not take responsibility of any untoward incident or injury to the child or damage in any way.
  5. No attendant will be allowed to enter the main play structure.
  6. The Centre has taken all precautions and measures to keep the equipment child friendly and shall not be responsible for any untoward incident or injury.
  7. Centre shall not be liable for any damage or monetary compensation if the child gets hurt in any manner i.e. via the equipment’s or from any other field.
  8. Complete Care has been taken to make the area hygienic and safe for kids. Centre shall not be responsible for any subsequent illness to child or attendant.
  9. Water bottles and bags to be left at the reception.
  10. No outside food will be allowed inside the centre.
  11. Food available at the centre cafe is allowed only in the cafe area and cannot be brought inside the play area.
  12. Centre has taken utmost precautions and hygiene in preparing the food. However Centre shall not responsible for any illness arising from food served and consumed and the food will be consumed at their own risk.
  13. Incase of a party the cafe area will be reserved for the private party for the given time and none has any right to object to the same.
  14. No pointed / sharp or harmful objects are allowed inside the centre.
  15. No sprays or poisonous substances are allowed inside the centre.
  16. The centre shall not take responsibility of any valuable and gifts.
  17. The management has the right to instruct any child or their attendant to step out of the play area if caught behaving in a manner that could harm any other child or reputation of centre in any manner.
  18. We request you to not bring any child who is unwell and Centre has reserves a right to disallow those children.
  19. Any complaint by child’s attendant must be made in writing to the management and the management will revert back / attend to said complaint as soon as possible.

DISCLAIMER: The centre is not responsible for any injury or damage to any child/attendant or object. Each child is allowed with an attendant and responsibility of the child solely lies with the attendant accompanying the child. All precautions and measures have been taken by the centre for safety and hygiene for children.

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