Simplifying Motherhood

A significant part of a mother’s entire life revolves around motherhood. Motherhood becomes the primary identity of a woman once her baby is born. And it is nothing bad when it comes to them through their kids, the people they love most in the world.

However, sometimes one may just find themselves tired of taking motherhood too seriously. They have to maintain their sanity while ensuring that their children grow up to be healthy and responsible individuals.

Parenting is supposed to be fun, not a science experiment based on research and preparation. A lot of over-thinking is not necessary. Of course, less sleep, stretch marks and less time for upkeep is a part and parcel of the whole. However, at times, amongst all this mothers may end up taking it less of a joy and more of a “task”, which leads to exhaustion.

Because if a mother is tired and frustrated, her kids will sense it and go crazy too. One must enjoy parenthood without the pressure of being “on point” and “appropriate” all the time. It’s about enjoying the craziness and creativity your kids bring in your life.

Do not rush to wipe off the paint your child may have got splattered across her clothes. Let it be for a while and see the fun. Do not fuss about “nutritious” food all the time. It’s their age to enjoy whatever they like. Of course that doesn’t mean they stuff themselves with junk, but when they occasionally do have such food, don’t fuss or complain.

Sometimes this realization comes quite late and mothers may find themselves considering parenting as a chore, rather than a joy. But then it may be too late. As a mother, you must constantly remind yourself not to do that. Only then you can enjoy the perks that motherhood has to offer.

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