Spending Quality Time with your Little One


Off late, it seems as if I woke up just after a 5 minutes sleep. My life is full of tasks, and the list seems to be endless. Being a first-time mother, I am already over-whelmed, and my hormones seem to be on a roller coaster ride. Suddenly, my husband has also decided to become a baby, trying to seek my attention all the time. Between feeding my baby every couple of hours and changing diapers, I am always juggling with my other household responsibilities. Although my routine is quite tedious and terrible, somewhere at the back of my mind, there is awareness about making a conscious effort to spend some quality time with my little one.


Quality over Quantity

Instead of counting minutes or hours spent with my child, I am more inclined towards the quality of the fun moments shared with him. If you have a funny routine with your kid, he will surely remember it. As soon as you come near him, he will anticipate that moment played out again.


Stay away from the gadgets

While spending time with your baby, remove all the distractions like your laptop, mobile, iPad and turn off the TV. This is the time when you should totally focus on your kid. This should be your private time wherein no interruptions must be there. Make an eye contact with your baby; you will be amazed to see that you can communicate with him.


Cuddle your baby

Being a mother, there is no doubt about your love for your child but sometimes, displaying it or cuddling your kid in a deep embrace can help in experiencing an amazing feeling. Your baby will feel secure, comfortable and warm and you will be amazed to see the bundle of joy in your arms, your own flesh and blood that is sure to bring tears of joy in your eyes.


Take out time for your baby

Even if your daily schedule is tighter than the President of the country, take out some time for your kid. You can coincide your break time with his/her feeding time or just steal 15 minutes here and there to cuddle with your kid. As your kid grows, he/she will start valuing this time and will look forward to see you with a bright smile on his/her face.


Take a break and go for a long drive

When your child grows up and is able to understand and identify simple things like car, butterfly, kitten, dog, sky and more, you can take him or her for a long drive and speak to him in a sweet, lilting voice and explain everything that is around you. You will see how fast he/she grasps this new knowledge and tries to assimilate it with his/her level of understanding.


It is very important to spend quality time with your babies. They grow up very fast and you would not like to miss their growing journey. This “we” time with your baby is surely going to help you raise a well-balanced and sweet kid.

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