The Terrible Twos- Not Terrifying rather terrific. Find out here!


You can ask any parent who is raising a two year child, they’d be sure to say “Oh My god, my kid has become so naughty and the snuggles and smiles are now traded for tantrums!” Making them eat food is like participating in a challenge. Now, we all agree that terrible twos come with their own set of energetic challenges, but it’s that time of your kid’s life when he has his imagination brimming up and is the time for great milestone. So parents, here you’d find why the terrible twos are not so terrible but terrific in their own way!

Choosy? Think of them as decision makers!

Terrible twos can really exhaust their Mom & Dad. Toddlers start enforcing their choices at this age and significantly express what they want. So, the trick here is rather than your kid’s imagination run wild to endless options, you give him/her the choices and she’s feel more powerful and happy making one choice of the given options. Such as instead of asking them what they want for lunch, you should ask “do you want cereal or bread?” This limits his imagination and he/she can pick from the restrictive two choices, yet feel happy being the boss of his/her own choice of lunch.

Smart Thinkers! Totally!

Two year old child has just started exploring with his/her creativity. So though you might get agitated with all the crayon marks on the wall, these little ones are playing with their creativity without any inhibitions. As parents, just provide them with a set up where they can freely explore their monkey mind. Give them a sandbox, coloring books, etc so that you can have a damage free house and your little artist has the access to freely explore his creative side. You will be amazed to see how confident they become and self aware during this time.

Help they offer! All so willingly

Two year old wants to tick their “to do” list completely, even if there is none officially made. As much of a headache this may be for parents, it does form for a silver lining. Two year olds are generous helpers are willing to put that extra energy. So assigning them mini tasks such as getting diapers for younger sibling or putting the pile of laundry away is a great way of directing their energy into productive ways.

So, the next time you join your friends for lunch and the topic of two years old surfaces keep these suggestions up your sleeve and help those mommies getting some “me” time by keeping their terrible two’s productively tamed.





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