Why is play time important for your little one

All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy. Play time is very essential for your child’s overall physical and mental health. There was a time when children used to go out and play during the evenings. But the scenario has changed a little now. Hide n seek, hopscotch, lock and key etc. were some of the popular field games that children have enjoyed over generations.

With the advent of technology children having started spending more and more time on virtual play grounds. This has adverse effects on their health.

Play time is very important for your little one. So make sure that they spare a little time from the routine and step out of the house.

  • Let them indulge in a sport of their choice. It could be tennis or cycling, swimming or athletics.


  • You could also get your child enrolled in a sports club. This would not only make sure they get to play every day, but would also nurture their talent.


  • Be encouraging and supportive. Remember how learning something new was difficult for you. The same holds true for your little one as well. Whether it is cycling or swimming, give your child some time.


  • Let your child explore new opportunities. Learning a new sport can be a little daunting. But when the child has the support of his family and friends, it becomes a happy journey.


  • Playing in a team gives children sense of unity. It also helps nurture values like trust on teammates, sportsmanship and excitement.


  • Teach your child that winning is not the ultimate goal. Out of the two teams or individuals, one would lose and other would win. Let the win not go to their head and the loss not go to their heart.


  • Practice makes the man perfect. Losing hope is not what you should teach your little one. Make them understand that he/she cannot win every time. But it is the zeal to keep on going that would help them succeed.


  • Playing is important for physical as well as intellectual development. Play time imbibes enthusiasm and zeal in children. They look forward to it. Make sure that you set a little time of the day, as per your child’s schedule as play time.


Encourage your child to take part in sports and sports related activities at school as well.As a parent it is your duty to make your little one understand how to balance studies and playing. Playing for some time during the break would be refreshing too and would help them concentrate better. But if the child is only interested in playing all day and is neglecting studies, then it surely is a matter of concern. As excess of everything is bad.


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