With Kids it’s like back to school


Taking care of growing kids is a challenging task. At every age, caring and nurturing needs to be different.  Toddlers require undivided attention as they are curious about everything that surrounds them in their environment whereas teenagers need different kind of supervision. As parents, having and nurturing a child is one of the most commendable jobs. The key to parenting is that you have to understanding the level of your child, his/her curiosities and then explain him/her things with the help of stories or characters or may be real life examples.

For parents raising children is like back to school. Some the reason illustrated below will help you understand and may be have a little chuckle.

Kindergarten Kids: You will often find yourself surrounded with animated characters and a fancy world with colorful story books that you read out to your children. This age group will demand you to teach them through play. Coloring with them, playing with them in the park and at home will be your regular affair. You will know all the latest animated movies and the timings of all cartoon shows will be on your finger tips.

Primary Classes: Now that your curious one has started attending formal school, he/she will need your hand-holding with the academic aspect of your child life slowly taking formal shape. You will find yourself teaching simple math to your little one along with answering his/her endless questions about how everything works and why things are the way it is. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself googling to answer your child why exactly the sky is blue or why water has no color.

Secondary Classes: Now that your child has come to advanced classes, you would be spending a lot more time on the academic front. Juggling with vast syllabus and a long list of subjects, as a parent you will run on even a tighter schedule. This is also the age where your kid is going through many changes in his/her body and is confused about many things. As a parent, you play an inevitable role here by gently explaining him and also coping up with the complex transition.

There is no doubt that with kids it’s like going back to school. At every growing year, your kid would demand from you a different kind of understanding and attention. You will be again immersed with school books, homework, play dates, fancy dress competitions, art projects and the list keeps going on.  Therefore, the best is to enjoy the ride and helping your little ones grow into responsible, compassionate and wise adults.


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