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Playing is the part and parcel of everybody’s childhood. For a child, it is a means of learning about their surroundings through interactions with peers and adults. While study and homework are important, it is through fun and games that children are truly able to grasp the world around him, while remaining physically healthy.At Tumble House, we strongly believe in the developmental and transformative powers of play and endeavor to provide the best fun place for kids to thrive in


You can ask any parent who is raising a two year child, they’d be sure to say “Oh My god, my kid has become so naughty and the snuggles and smiles are now traded for tantrums!” Making them eat food is like participating in a challenge. Now, we all agree that terrible twos come with their own set of energetic challenges, but it’s that time of your kid’s life when he has his imagination brimming up and is the time for great milestone.


Everything lies in nutrition. Well, that’s what we are taught to believe when it comes to raising children. But that’s half information. As much as nutrition is inevitable in your little one’s growth, so is playtime. Playtime is crucial health time for your kid. Your little one not only flex his muscles and build strong bones, but also picks up skills that are invisible to your eye.


Parents nowadays ensure a packed schedule for children what with adult-supervised, adult-driven activities such as sports, camps, and hobby classes. What do kids like however? They like running happily on a grassy field. According to many studies and as grandma wisdom would say, kids need some free and unstructured play time, which is critical to their healthy development.


Parenting is a full time job. There are difficult times, but the perks of kisses, unending love and pride makes parenting worth all the ups and downs. It is time for parents to understand that becoming their child’s friend is very important. You can teach your child various life lessons easily.


Inculcating good habits in your child is essential. This is not a one day process. It’ll take time and the results are best achieved when this process is done in a fun way. Also as parents one must realize that good manners aren’t taught through formal training, they are acquired by observation. Thus, you need to set the right example for your children and be a role model.


Child abuse is spreading across our society like a silent epidemic. Even as most parents feel their child is safe, and ‘such things’ only happen in the slums, the truth is that the perpetrators hide in our homes or schools, and at every level of society. So much emphasis is on touch because it is one of the most incredible and vital senses a baby is introduced to as early as in the mother’s womb.


A common sight includes parents showering their kids with compliments when their kids start acquiring new skills, such as learning to crawl or building block towers with their Lego toys. But instilling confidence in your child needs different approach than just clapping your hands and complimenting your little one endlessly.


Many first time parents are caught confused and anxious on the thought of raising their first born child. The surmounted pressure seems to stem from added responsibilities and insufficient knowledge on how the little one will change their life. So, if you are on your way to parenthood, then we hope the knowledge below will come in handy to deal real life situations.


We often wonder what is the secret of raising happy and well-behaved children. The first answer might seem like discipline but that is where a majority of the parents go wrong. It is important to create a closer connection with your child. You might love them but feel they need to be disciplined in order to be well behaved! However, that is not exactly how it may work.